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10 gifts for every wedding registry

January 21, 2016

You know what our two favourite things about gift registries are?

One is that we get prezzies!

And the other is that we can get our loved ones to gift us our must-haves.

Before you get started on your wedding registry, we help you make a checklist of the must-haves you should consider adding to it.

1. Kitchen products: From a food processor, different types of dinnerware, formal and casual, a blender, a pressure cooker—these are things you will definitely need once you start your own home so it’s good sense to add them to your registry.

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2. Bathroom essentials: When picking things for the bathroom, make sure you choose products of high quality, so that they are soft, good for your skin and durable. Bath robes, bath mats, towels in a few neutral colours, bathroom slippers, etc.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Image courtesy: Pinterest

3. Gadgets: Every urban Indian couple will want certain gadgets fitted into their home—an LED television, bluetooth speakers, iPads or the latest home theatre system.

4. Wine/bar requirements: A home bar is a feature in almost everyone’s home today. Register for a nice, wooden bar and wine rack, bartending tools, and a set of bar glasses.


5. Living room items: You can go big with a couch and home theatre system, or smaller items like cushion covers and photo frames. Pick the things that suit your taste, to avoid receiving gifts that you won’t use.

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6. For the bedroom:A few sets of bed linen, thicker blankets, a duvet cover, a bedside table, a small lamp, wall hangings—opt for things that are personal as the bedroom is your intimate space.

7. Experiences:A wedding is a great time to ask your friends and family to pitch in for expensive, exotic experiences—think a holiday, your honeymoon, a couple’s massage, a skydiving experience, etc.

8. Special items just for your spouse: Although a wedding registry is about the couple together, you can ask for some stuff for each person. For example, if your husband has been pining for a specific gadget or if your wife has had her eye on a particular designer dress or a pair of shoes, this is a good time to ask for them.

9. Accessories for hobbies: You can use your wedding registry to further your hobbies as well. If both of you are into fitness, you can ask for dumbbells or a treadmill; if you spend weekends trekking, then trekking and camping gear would be great.

10. Collectibles: Vinyl records, stamps, vintage items—if either or both of you have an interest in something particular, you should definitely add it to your registry.

Remember – it’s your wedding, and everyone is secretly wondering what to gift you. Make it simple, by using a registry.


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