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Baby Shower Games

August 29, 2016



Have you recently been assigned the almost impossible task of pleasing a best friend or sister who is about to enter her third trimester and expects you to throw her one of the most exciting yet comfortable parties to celebrate her pregnancy?

Reaching a balance of pleasing the guest of honor with her unexpected nausea and swollen ankles as well as planning an enjoyable time for the guests can seem like walking through a minefield blind.


We’ve compiled a list of easy-to-organize and creative games that will help you and your guests in avoiding the cringe worthy position of accidentally mortifying the guest of honor by guessing her weight or the number of inches her waist size has increased by!


Scavenger Hunt

Guests are split into teams and are given a list of baby related tasks or items which they either have to accomplish or discover. For example tasks could be of the following nature: ‘dress this doll with the given baby clothes’ or ‘find from anywhere in this party two baby pacifiers’. The team to first get through the list truly deserves a grand prize.


Guess Who?

Guests arrive at the party with a baby photo of themselves, which are then exhibited around the room. Everyone is given a paper where they have to write down their guesses of who each photo is off; the winner is the player with the most number of correct guesses!


Mocktails Galore

Give each team some slightly absurd ingredients and a time limit, say 10 minutes, to come up with the wackiest yet delicious mocktail they can. Let the to-be-mother be the judge of which team wins the prize of the best virgin drink.


Baby Stroller Obstacle Course

True to it’s name, this game is an obstacle course where each team is given a doll in a stroller and the course can be made as crazy or simple as you wish it to be! From changing the doll’s diaper to maneuvering the stroller between some narrowly placed cones, from navigating the stroller down some stairs to folding and unfolding the stroller, all while holding the baby. Time each team as they pilot themselves through the obstacles and shortest time wins.


Time Capsule

Not exactly a game, but an amazing way to make the baby shower gifting an interesting endeavor; let the guests know beforehand to bring a gift for the baby that will be kept in a ‘time capsule’, which will be gifted to the baby on their 18th birthday! You can even get the guest of honor to use Wrapp’d, a truly unique gift registry service, perfect for whether the guests are searching for a gift for the capsule or separately for the mother-to-be.


Never Say Baby

The game starts with each guest wearing a safety pin and goes on for the entire party. Whenever you hear someone say the word ‘baby’ you get to steal how many ever pins they are wearing. As the party comes to a wrap, the person wearing the most pins wins!


The list consists of some new and unique games that are easy to implement and are fun for both the mother-to-be as well as all the guests, however the standard games such as baby bingo and guess the baby’s name as well as name the celebrity’s baby are always great fallback options!

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Splurge or Save: How I Budgeted My Wedding!

August 6, 2016

One of the most crucial aspects of wedding planning is getting the budgeting right. During the process of planning my wedding, I faced a crazy moment of panic when I realized that I couldn’t fit everything I wanted in my specific budget. As the panic subsided, I decided that the most important thing to remember was that it was my big day. Ultimately, it was about creating a special day for myself and all that was required was careful planning.

Navigating the sea of decorators, caterers, designers, and so much more was enough for me to handle, without the added stress of budgeting. I started by making a list of my priorities and then began to put each part of the wedding plan as either a part of my ‘save list’ or ‘splurge list’. I did my research and found some amazing budget photographers and make up artists. So instead of going for the most sought after companies, I found affordable and upcoming services. A huge plus point was that they were more willing to adapt and cater to my exact wants!

Doll You Up by S 1

For example I found start up photographers such as Anupa Shah (instagram: anupashahphotography) who offer packages starting at Rs 40,000 and even offers a range of professional services including candid photography and pre wedding shoots. If you are willing to splurge some more then be sure to check out The Wedding Salad (instagram: theweddingsalad), who offer packages starting at Rs 80,000, and have been verified with amazing reviews! Compared to racking up a bill of over Rs 15,00,000 on wedding photography, with just a little bit of research, you can find something that suits you to the tee!

The Wedding Salad 1

Another handy tip is to recognize that wedding make up is a huge potential part of the ‘save list’! Realizing that even though all eyes will be on you on your special day, you want to look naturally beautiful and want to wear make up that both accentuates your features as well as lasts the entire day. There are multiple free lancing and start up make up artists such as Doll You Up by S (instagram: dollyouup_bys) and Kisha (instagram: mumbaimakeupartist) who range from Rs 15,000-20,000. Both make up artists also offer draping and hair styling in their packages allowing you to get the full indulgence bundle you desire! You can also in fact simply ask a make up savvy friend to assist you, which may be a great blessing in disguise and you can spend nothing at all.

Doll You Up by S 2

There are however some aspects of your wedding in which you will feel a definite urge to splurge and where you should listen to your instincts and indulge. Wedding food is a definitely an item that should go on to your ‘splurge list’. While guests may not remember the exact flower centerpiece that goes on the table or the colour scheme that you so carefully picked out, they will surely remember a wonderful menu and some scrumptious treats. An all time favourite is Joss Catering, which, though on the slight more pricey side, is guaranteed to deliver a spectacular meal. Another reknowned company is Popular Caterers, who has a reputation of creating a unique menu. With meticulous research and a handful of planned food tastings, there are definitely enough caterers who will fit in to your budget as well as offer your guests a delightful meal.

The Wedding Salad 2

One last tip that helped me tremendously in what can be a very overwhelming time was a unique gift registry service called Wrappd. Their just married catalogue offered a variety of useful and wonderful gifts that aided in eliminating unwanted gifts and also helped my friends and family in getting me the perfect wedding gift!

Anupa Shah Photography 2

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10 gifts for every wedding registry

January 21, 2016

You know what our two favourite things about gift registries are?

One is that we get prezzies!

And the other is that we can get our loved ones to gift us our must-haves.

Before you get started on your wedding registry, we help you make a checklist of the must-haves you should consider adding to it.

1. Kitchen products: From a food processor, different types of dinnerware, formal and casual, a blender, a pressure cooker—these are things you will definitely need once you start your own home so it’s good sense to add them to your registry.

Image courtesy: www.yankeemagazine.com

Image courtesy: www.yankeemagazine.com

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How to throw a great housewarming party

January 21, 2016

It was staring me in the face. Gold, textured, shiny and bright; this was truly the most ‘unique’ vase I had ever seen. So unique that I wanted it out of my house, pronto! And suddenly, my best friend’s face floated in my mind saying, “Set up a gift registry before your housewarming party, it will help.” Of course, I scoffed at that idea then, but now I know better.

A few months ago, my new husband and I moved into our brand new home, excited to set it up, decorate it and make it our own. Of course, the wedding had afforded us many home decor options, some lovely and right up our alley, and others… well, let’s just say, not so much.

We were throwing a housewarming party a week after moving in, so we had to work quickly. It was then that we wished we had set up a registry—looking back, it would have been a big help.

While we did fumble and make some bad choices, we also personalised our home and created beautiful little corners that were a big hit with our guests. We learnt a lot along the way, too.


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Then and Now

January 21, 2016

Let’s be honest—the best part of a birthday, wedding or any other celebration is the time you get to open all your gifts. Seeing and touching every gift you have received from loved ones is exhilarating, no matter how old you are.

But where did this practice come from? Whose idea was it to give something to someone else and for what purpose or reason?

It started with the caveman…

Before we had smartphones, electricity, or buildings, we had one another. It was the cave man who would bring berries, nuts and fruits, as gifts for the woman he wanted to woo. Obviously, the man with the largest basket of fruits and nuts would win the heart (and stomach) of the woman.

Some believe this tradition continues today, with fruits and nuts being replaced by rocks.

Image courtesy: Vector illustrator Memo Angeles for www.colourbox.com

Image courtesy: Vector illustrator Memo Angeles for www.colourbox.com

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5 life events that deserve their own celebrations!

January 18, 2016

Life is filled with small and large pockets of happiness.

And when something makes us happy, shouldn’t it be celebrated? And what better way to celebrate than to share your happiness with your loved ones?

Here at Wrapp’d, we hope these 5 milestones become yet another reason to gather with friends and family to share and enjoy.
1. A new apartment: A new home signifies a new beginning, and, with your loved ones around you, a housewarming party is a great way to convert a house into a home.
For the Host: While doing up your home can be great fun, it can also be exhausting, never-ending and expensive. You also know that people will not land up empty-handed at your first housewarming party. Instead of risking three sets of dinnerware, share a registry with your family and besties, so they can gift you something you love and need.

The Guest: An invitation to a housewarming party is an intimate gesture—consider yourself lucky. While you must carry something for good luck, ensure it’s something of significance and use to the host. In today’s pragmatic times, it’s better to ask, or refer to a registry for a good buy. After all, you want your gift to be used, not stored away in the top shelf.


2. Baby Showers: The coming of a new life into this world is always an extra special occasion—not just for the parents-to-be, but for loved ones as well.

The Host: Unlike other occasions, in the case of baby showers, the mother-to-be is usually the guest, while her friends and family play host. Instead of inundating her with unwanted gifts, ask her what she really wants for her baby and herself.

The Guest: As the mom-to-be, you are lucky that those who love you are as excited about your baby as you are. Be honest with them and simply create and share a registry with those you know only wish you well.


3. 1st Birthdays: Balloons, streamers and lots of goodies—a child may not remember how his first birthday was celebrated, but for the new parents, it’s a time of pride and joy.

The Host: As the host of your child’s first birthday party, you must ensure enough entertainment for the kids as well as the parents accompanying them. Return gifts are also a thoughtful gesture.

The Guest: If you have been invited to the birthday party of a one-year-old, clearly that child and his or her parents are important parts of your life. Asking the parents if they need anything for the child, or if there is an indulgence they crave, will be appreciated.


4. Silver/Golden Jubilee Anniversary: Marriage is a lot of hard work, and if two people have stayed together for 25 or 50 years, they deserve to be felicitated!

The Host: The ones with whom you are sharing an intimate occasion like a milestone anniversary must be special. If there’s been something you and your partner have always wanted to own or do, this is the time to ask your loved ones for it—after all, it’s always more valuable when it comes from someone who cares for you.

The Guest: Not only are these two people celebrating a milestone of their own, they have given you many memories as well. In case the couple isn’t familiar with it, you can help create a gifting registry for them so that their loved ones can give them something they would love.

Image courtesy: www.ideas.hallmark.com

5. Graduation: Given how important an education is in this country, a graduation is definitely an apt time to pop the bubbly.

The Host: Your graduation is the perfect opportunity to ask your parent and loved ones for gifts you truly yearn for and ones that will help you progress further.

The Guest: A new graduate has just crossed a major milestone, so rewarding him or her is natural. If you know the young person well and want to see him or her happy, simply ask what he or she wants or visit the graduation gifting registry.

Image courtesy: Shutterstock for www.huffingtonpost.com

Image courtesy: Shutterstock for www.huffingtonpost.com


The idea is to not restrict ourselves to age-old traditions and celebrations—if we get a chance to share in someone’s joy, do we really need an occasion for that?